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Southern Comfort Groom & Board
“Complete, Correct, Courteous and Kind”


When you want your pet to look their best, while enjoying a wonderful stress free experience, visit Southern Comfort Pet Salon in Central, SC. We are award winning dog grooming stylists located just minutes away from Clemson University!

Four legged furry clients throughout Pickens County have been enjoying their Dog Grooming experiences with Southern Comfort since 1990, receiving a full range of dog grooming services, including medicated, and fur-whitening washes, deshedding, as well as ear cleaning/ear hair removal, nail clipping and filing, and de-shedding and skin/coat treatments.

Southern Comfort Groom & Board and Pet Spa is a family-owned and operated company. We're devoted to continuing our education on products and procedures through attending grooming contests, seminars and trade shows. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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We provide our customers with quality care, knowledge, and experience. Established in 1990 we offer 40+ years experience in the Grooming and Boarding Industry. Founder and National Certified Master Dog Groomer, Debbie Beckwith, has over 20 years of teaching experience in Pet Grooming.
Our shop is a full service pet salon offering great care, cuts, and prices. Great care, great cuts and great prices are my promise to you!   

We provide professional and personalized grooming of all breeds and sizes of dogs.

Our Staff:
Debbie Beckwith NCMG, Groom Team Gold Medalist, Melan, Italy 1991. Owner. Grooming Instructor 23 Years. Noted Author and Industry Speaker Breeder and Handler of AKC Show Champions
Teresa Dupler, Graduate of The Southern Institute of Pet Grooming, 25+ years experience. Seminar Attendee.
Jessica Williams, Graduate of The Southern Institute of Pet Grooming. Previosly Stylist for Seneca Animal Hospital. Seminar attendee.

Our hours are:
Grooming(Pet Salon)
Tues-Fri, 9am-5:00pm occasional Sat (by appointment only)
Boarding(Bed 'n' Biscuits):
24/7 at second location  • Sunday/Monday Access by appointment

Everything we do is geared towards providing your pet with a positive, comfortable, and relaxed dog grooming experience. We don't keep pets any longer than service requires unless requested by the owner. We are not an assembly line pet grooming shop. Pets are never left unattended. Our priority is your pet's safety, comfort, health and happiness, at a comfortable price to you.
We never use tranquilizers or drugs, only tender positive techniques. No sedation of any kind is ever used.
We groom all breeds and all sizes, no discrimination here!

Our rates are very reasonable and we offer discounts for seniors, military, and first time visits.

Dog Grooming, Cat Grooming & Dog Boarding Services (Click here for more info)
      • Saturday "Do It Yourself Day” / Self Wash.
dog groomer photo       • We offer expert dog grooming and pet boarding care in a peaceful atmosphere.
      • Professional Dog Grooming
      • All Breed Dog Grooming
      • Large dogs welcome
      • Nail Trimming/Dremel
      • Custom Styling
      • Shedding Management Programs
      • Dog Grooming Services at reasonable rates
      • "Cats Only Day", once per month. Call for more info.
      • We help acclimate dogs to grooming sessions
      •  We offer safe surpervised play for friendly dogs during the grooming visit
       (supervised play helps relax and acclimate pets for the grooming session)

We accept all credit cards

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“We give your pet the LOVE, CARE and RESPECT it deserves!”

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• Let us be your Clemson Game Day Pet Daycare Service •

We offer a clean, relaxed atmosphere, with many years of professional dog grooming experience. You can trust that we will provide a pleasant, professional, and caring environment for your pet. We specialize in "Gentle Touch" dog grooming. Remember, keeping your pet happy during their stay with us, is always our top priority!

Dog Grooming Services we offer:

From bathing and fancy hair cuts, to flea and tick treatments, to skin care, moisturizing, anti-dandruff and de-shedding treatments, your pampered pet will go home looking and feeling great! We welcome all breeds and all sizes.
A complete dog grooming, includes hair cut, bath, nails, ear hair removal, glands expressed during bath, and flea shampoo if needed.

We do Dog grooming for all ages, from puppies to seniors.
A Full Service Groom includes the bath, blow dry, nail trim/dremel, sac expression, ear cleaning and plucking if needed and then of course the haircut.
A Bath Only Service includes the bath, blow dry, nail trim/dremel, anal sac expression, and ear cleaning.

Dog Grooming Services:

• All inclusive grooming and styling
• Charges are established by hands-on time at $40 per hour
• Size and condition determines the cost
• Walk-in nail trims: $10 – $15
I require everyone make appointments for dog grooming sessions.
I do this to minimize the amount of wait time your pet has while here.

Dog Boarding Services:

• Hands-on limited space
dog grooming cartoon • 24 hrs/day 7 days/wk
• All pets welcome
• Small/Medium dogs $15/$18 per night
• Large dogs $20/25 per night
• Cats $15 per night
• Socializing/Playtime exercise included

Our pet grooming hours are:
Tues-Fri, 9am-5:00pm occasional Sat (by appointment only)
Boarding: 24/7  • Sunday Access 8:30AM or 6:00PM by appointment 
                             • Monday Access 10AM or 6:00PM by appointment

New Clients

New clients, please provide proof of current Rabies vaccination. Also, remember to ask for your 10% off discount on your first dog grooming session!!
We look forward to seeing you!!

Other Servicing Notes

   • No sedation is ever used.
   • We work at a pace that is comfortable to your dog to minimize stress on your pet.
   • Pricing is unique. It's based on hands-on time. I charge $40 per hour (and everything is included)
   • We can give a price range quote over the phone based on your description of your dog.
   •  If you need special assistance(early or late pickup), call us.
   •  All dogs MUST be up to date on rabies unless under 12 weeks of age

All dog grooming services are available by appointment. We can occasionally accommodate short notice and walk-in grooming. cat grooming photo

If you're looking for assembly line grooming this is not the place for you.    If you want your pet doted on, this is the place.

My pricing is simple. It's based on hands-on time. I charge $40 per hour (and everything is included).

Other Services
   • Teeth Brushing
   • Walk-In(if space is available) Nail TrimsDremel
   • Special Shampoos, Conditioners available for different skin treatments(natural hypo-allergenic products)
   • Medicated Flea Treatments
   • Extra Brushing Time, and Extensive Conditioning Treatments
   • Creative grooming

• Let us be your Clemson Game Day Pet Daycare Service •

Customer Comments

   This is the best boarder in the Upstate
Jackson Sparks
This is the best Boarder in the Upstate. My dog is a handful to say the least, and they always take great care of him at Southern Comfort. I've tried other places and they don't compare. I now drive all the way from Greenville to drop the dog off when I go out of town.
Jackson Sparks - Google

   My little dog gets nice treatment there....
Mark Walsh
My little dog gets nice treatment there.
Mark Walsh - Google

   Debbie is a absolute angel...
Debbie is a absolute angel when it came to my pets. My animals always came back well groomed just the way I asked and with bows and scarfs around their necks :) I not only had 3 dogs to shave but also a cat which debbie eventually took in as her own when I could no longer keep him. I highly recommend Debbie & her establishment for all your pet grooming needs.
A google user - google

Customer Comments

   This is a fine grooming spot...
This is a fine grooming spot to take ur pet to, they are very good at what they do and Are very good with handling peoples pets. I would highly recomend this place to anyone.....
A google user - google

   This is a fine grooming spot...
We have Cairn Terrier, hard to groom, Debbie did great job at fair price. Just scheduled his next hairdo...
A google user - google

   These ladies do a great job...
Christina Karwowski-Stephenson
These are very Wonderful and caring people. You'll be pleased.
Christina Karwowski-Stephenson

   This is a fine grooming spot...
I can attest to their kindness, professionalism and willingness to think outside the box and groom a cat! When I lived in Central I took my cat Kramer to Debbie (back when it was called Southern Institute of Pet Grooming) and he always looked wonderful and did not show any signs of abuse or mood changes. Granted, he was probably one of the FEW cats who enjoyed a bath and a haircut but I trusted her and her staff to treat him well and I never sensed any indication of abuse......
Lita -

   Great job...
I have a hard-to-groom Golden Retriever and the staff has been very kind to her over the years. She is a rescue animal and quite deaf and easily spooked but they are kind and patient and she always comes home looking and smelling great.
Dana -

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(864) 639-6872

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Owner:   Debbie Beckwith(NCMG Certified Master Groomer )
Address: (Pet Salon - Grooming) -  510 West Main     - Central, SC.   29630
Address: (Bed 'n' Biscuits - Boarding) -  334 Jule Merck Rd  - Norris, SC.  29667

Pet Spa - Hours of Operation
Tues-Fri, 9am-5:00pm
occasional Sat (by appointment only))
Location One
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Bed 'n' Bisquit - Hours of Operation
Boarding: 24/7
Tues-Fri, 9am-5:00pm
  Sunday - Monday: access by appt.

Location Two
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